White SJWs Are Biggest Terror Threat in the U.S.

Days after the Charleston, SC shooting, major media outlets from NBC, Russia Today, the Independent and beyond eagerly picked up a study by the New America Foundation on Homegrown Extremists. Delighted to reinforce the narrative of white brutalization of minorities, the media widely reported that the study confirms White Americans Are Biggest Terror Threat in the U.S. Of course, as it turns out, that’s not exactly what the study reported, but why let facts obstruct a good narrative? It’s the moral that matters!

A network of activists, politicians, academics, and media organizations relentlessly propagate a narrative that our persistent racial disharmonies are the consequence of a pervasive, institutionalized racism. It is the privilege and prejudice of white society, they say, that inhibits our peace and cooperation. These prejudices often enable incidents of terror–we are now to believe that white police officers shoot young black men for sport. This narrative conveniently omits many contextual facts–the outrage surrounding police brutality, for example, ignores the rampancy of crime in black communities. Again, facts do not matter while there is a greater truth to serve, and that truth is that white people are the problem.

I would like to explode this fictive conceit. What presently menaces our domestic tranquility and threatens national security is far from so-called “far-right white supremacists” and anti-government activists. Neither is it ISIS, Al Qaeda, anarchists, climate change, the Tea Party, or Black Panthers. The principal threat to American peace, safety, and prosperity is the fanatical ideology of anti-racism and its feverish brigadiers. Its destruction is extensive in terms of lives, of public and private funds, of the rule of law, of economic progress, of social trust, and of the individual rights of free persons. An inexhaustive but adequately illustrative litany follows:

  • The mayor of Baltimore allowed the city to burn and be looted, so that black rioters would “have space to destroy.”
  • Inner cities across the U.S. have been overtaken by the black underclass and are now mired in crime, poverty and violence, and are uninhabitable for civilized life.
  • Mayor DeBlasio’s government inhibited New York City police’s stop-and-frisk procedures, resulting in an increase in crime and shootings.
  • After Detroit’s 1968 race riots, racial lawlessness and white flight ensued, and after decades of majority-black rule, large swathes of the city would now make Monroeville look like Paris.
  • At least twenty-million illegal Hispanic immigrants currently reside within the U.S. Many are un- or low-skilled, illiterate in their own language, indifferent to Anglo-American institutions, and reluctant to assimilate. They’ve displaced a number of white communities in the Southwest. They remove billions of dollars from the American economy to be sent back to Mexico
  • The media, politicians, academics, and pundits continue to obscure, neglect, and ignore the reality of black and Hispanic criminality and black-on-white violence.
  • “Diverse” schools are largely unsafe and their classrooms barely fit for instruction, while also wasting resources and diminishing standards in order to close the racial academic gap.
  • The federal government–through the CRA and Freddie and Fannie Mac–pressured banks to increase (risky) loans to minorities, preparing the way for the 2008 Financial Crisis.
  • In the U.K., Rotherham police and government officials overlooked for years the sexual abuse of 1,400 British girls by Pakistani men.
  • Sweden indiscriminately invited the relocation of refugees and immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East to its society, resulting in a 300% increase in crime and 1,472% increase in rape.

This is the legacy of anti-racism. The above tragedies are the result of irrational attempts by policymakers to elevate the status of nonwhite minorities and to combat the specter of white supremacy that stands athwart such noble endeavors. They sought to forcefully integrate and equalize the conditions and outcomes of different populations, without any regard to history, culture, behavior, or abilities, only to stunningly backfire in the most costly manner. They sought to insulate minority groups from criticism and having to confront their own inadequacies. They absolved them of responsibility for and the consequences of their actions by blaming all the iniquities that befall them on the native white population.

Afflicted by a paranoid distemper, anti-racist activists are perpetually alarmed by the most innocuous racial differences as evidence of systemic oppression. On the premise of a natural human egalitarianism, they advocate for the most intrusive forms of social intervention, threatening not only rights of free association but also of free speech. Differences and disparities, they argue, should not exist as they reflect a decline, wrought by vice (native to white people, of course), from a natural human equality–a sort of secular reconceptualization of fall from grace. Therein lies the crusade’s fatal flaw. Human egalitarianism is patently false; to act as if it were true requires the rejection of certain concrete realities–mostly unmalleable, congenital racial and cultural differences, behavioral predispositions, cognitive abilities, time-preferences–and so guarantees failure. From false premises you arrive at false conclusions. And disastrous policies.

But failure for the anti-racist coalition does not provoke a re-assessment of an action’s efficacy or underlying assumptions. Instead, failure is deflected by ascribing it to lingering racism and prejudice, or sabotage. Therefore, the solution is to double-down. Any invitation to consider facts that contradict their narrative is a priori dismissed. As an example, I direct readers to this impressive display of intellectual mountebankery by Slovoj Zizek. Zizek, speaking to the anti-racist Zeitgeist, suggests that statements of fact are to be evaluated as racist or non-racist, rather than by the antiquated and oppressive custom of evaluating facts as either true or false. This is the sort of intellectual rigor in currency in the universities.

This rejection of objective reality is at the heart of anti-racists’ destructive capacity. They are, at base, inimical to science and scientific inquiry, which European man developed in order to accurately understand and control the world. The pearl-clutching and widespread social opprobrium from James Watson‘s 2007 comments about Western policy in Africa threw into sharp relief the zealous tenacity with which anti-racist “respectable society” will cling to its theological tenets. As did the media brouhaha over Jason Richwine’s Harvard PhD thesis regarding the low-IQ of Latin American immigrants. By blinding oneself to scientific objectivity, one cannot reasonably coordinate means to ends. One is doomed to be perpetually ensnared in unintended consequences, harmful externalities, and social policies constantly going awry and amok. Is that not where American society presently finds itself, floundering among unsafe neighborhoods, crime, riots, lowering educational standards, low-trust, deteriorating social capital, rape, drugs, and expensive but futile uplift programs?

The opposite of anti-racism is not necessarily racism or an endorsement of slavery, oppression, and genocide. The opposite of anti-racism is merely the return to sanity. The antidote to the superstitions and dogmas of egalitarianism is reason and discrimination. We must not allow consoling ideals to overtake our ability to grapple with uncomfortable truths. Policymakers must consider these truths, set reasonable expectations, and act or legislate accordingly. In education, for example, this may mean tailoring curricula differently to white and nonwhite students according to mean cognitive abilities. With regards to immigration, it may involve reinstating the national origins system, encouraging immigration from white nations, and establishing institutional pressures and incentives to assimilate into Anglo-American culture the immigrants already here. Concerning crime, increased policing of nonwhite and poor neighborhoods may be necessary, and the use of efficient heuristics like racial profiling or procedures like stop-and-frisk encouraged.

The guffaws are audible. The suggestions are unpalatable, diabolical, evil even. So be it. Let us continue on the oneiric march to a “diverse,” “vibrant” America.